George's Top 10 List of Breeds

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10. Breeds that have lots of babies
Because God said be fruitful and multiply, and George agrees.
Booroola MerinoCambridgeFinnsheep (Finnish Landrace)
9. Breeds whose ears stick up
Because they look like bunny rabbits to George.
Border CheviotBorder LeicesterNorth Country Cheviot
8. Fat-rumped and fat-tailed breeds
Isn't it obvious? George likes big butts.
Turki Somali Van Rooy
7. Breeds with big horns
Because George thinks their heads would look nice mounted on a wall.
Racka Portland Jacob
6. Breeds with cool black markings
Because George likes them.
Kerry HillZwartblesBrillenschaf (Spectacles Sheep)
5 (tie). French breeds
Because they've got more meat than American Breeds . . . and they speak French.

5 (tie). British breeds

Because they've got more meat than American Breeds . . . and George likes Tony Blair.
British SuffolkBritish ShropshireBritish Hampshire
4. Southdowns and their progeny
Because they've made a valuable contribution to the world sheep industry.
Dorset Down (Southdown x Hampshire et al.)Australian SouthdownSouth Suffolk (Southdown x Suffolk)
3. Mouflon
Because they are the ancestor of most modern sheep breeds . . . and they're magnificent!
2. Merinos
Because they produce the best wool and are the most important breed in the world.
Australian MerinoPolish MerinoSpanish Merino
1. Katahdin
Because George's mother was a Katahdin, and Katahdins are an ideal maternal breed.
Katahdin KatahdinKatahdin


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