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    Man's best friend

    Pet sheep
    Increasingly, sheep and other farm livestock are being kept as pets or companions. They can make good pets because they are a gentle animal and respond well to human contact.

    Especially for children
    Lambs make great projects for children. They are suitable for children with most disabilities. Taking care of a sheep teaches children responsibility and respect for animals.

    As 4-H projects
    Sheep are popular 4-H projects for children. 4-H is one the largest youth organization in the United States. It is open to any boy or girl between the ages of 8 and 18. To learn about 4-H, contact your local county extension office. Their phone number is listed in the blue pages of your phone book. Most county offices have web pages. 4-H is part of the land grant university system.

    Sheep also make excellent FFA projects. FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a youth organization that prepares future generations for the challenges of farming.

    Bottle babies
    Lambs raised on a bottle make the best pets because they naturally trust people and are not afraid to be near people. When you bottle feed a lamb, it bonds to you and thinks you are its mother.

    The best pets
    Any breed of sheep can be kept as a pet. Breed choice is usually a matter of personal preference or circumstance. Pet sheep should should be females (ewes) or neutered males (wethers). They should not have horns. Hair sheep are a good choice because they will not require shearing. As sheep are a social animal, you should get at least two, preferably a small flock (5-6).

    Basic sheep care
    Pet sheep have most of the same basic needs as sheep being raised for production. They need shelter and protection from predators. They need proper nutrition and health care. They need their hooves trimmed. Wooled sheep need to be sheared annually in a timely fashion, preferably by a trained professional

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